Wednesday, February 15, 2006

RSA 2006 Day-1

The most noticeable trends I observed today at the Exhibition centre was Apple iPod giveaways and NAC appliances. And of course over 400 exhibitors and 14,000 conference attendees.

The keynotes were delivered by Bill Gates, Art Coviello and Scott McNealy. Gates took opportunity to demonstrate new security features in Vista and signalled the death of passwords as security measures. Nothing awe-inspiring from Microsoft, but perhaps a signal that their offerings were maturing. Art spent some time on the importance of digital identities and the role multi-factor authentication would play, whilst Scott spent a lot of humerous moments taking big digs at Microsoft.

The Cryptographers panel was interesting, most notably the announcement that serious RFID security vulnerabilities had just been exposed.

I attended the "Mobile device security" birds of feather and was surprised to see the extent of the hassles people were having with smartphones and portable devices wreaking security angst in their environments. The Palm Treo was fingered as the main culprit whilst RIM was pointed out for its security and control provided for the mobile workforce.

The exhibition hall was packed and it will probably take me a few days to trawl through everything but the stands that stood out for me today were Microsoft and of course Cisco. Every man and his dog was demonstrating NAC and/or NAP compatibility and/or gear and this market is sure to boom this year.

I sat through an entertaining "Economics of Security" by Bruce Schneir and "Hot topics in information security law" by the Amercian Bar Society as well as "Voice over IP security". I must have chosen well as these sessions were packed with standing room only.

In the evening some of my team were treated to a great dinner and excellent conversation by some Nokia execs.

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