Monday, February 13, 2006

SEM enters mainstream in 2006

Faced with regulatory compliance requirements and grueling audits, network managers are turning increasingly to security event management systems (SEM) to detect when policies have been breached.

SEM products - from e-Security, Network Intelligence, ScriptLogic, TriGeo and others - have data aggregation and event correlation features similar to those in network management software. These products automate the manual process of collecting event-log data from file systems, security appliances and other network devices such as firewalls, proxy servers, intrusion-detection systems, routers and switches, and anti-virus software. With upgraded releases, the vendors are separately augmenting their suites with advanced reporting, additional storage capacity and new form factors to enable smaller customers to roll out SEM tools.

"The learning curve for security management tools is so steep that these vendors will have to continue to broaden their reach with security controls and IT policies," says George Hamilton, director of enterprise computing and networking at The Yankee Group. Industry watchers speculate that SEM vendors and the IT duties the software performs will be absorbed eventually by larger management and security vendors - for example, IBM acquired Micromuse, which had earlier acquired GuardedNet. They also say that for the time being, specialized SEM vendors offer a much-needed technology. "Everyone is suffering from compliance fatigue right now, and it's driving SEM purchases, because people have the budget to address that immediate concern," Hamilton says.

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