Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Securing mobile phones

Companies have done a pretty good job of addressing the most pressing near-term wireless security issues, which are mainly at the network and authentication levels.

  • They've paid a premium for BlackBerry's Triple-DES and Fort Knox-like network operations center.
  • For remote access, most firms use VPN tunnels, which are migrating from SSL- to IPSec-based.
  • Companies also are getting a better handle on wireless LAN security.

That's the good news. The bad news is that few firms have taken a holistic look at implementing a more comprehensive company mobile security strategy. A mobile phone is a mini-PC. IT managers will have to evolve their mentality over the next couple of years, driven by two major developments: the rise of mobile devices as potential hosts/perpetrators of security problems or threats, and the fact that firms don't have a good handle on how their workers use these phones for consumer applications, such as downloading music and playing games.

So what, specifically, should you do? The article discuses the following recommended steps in more detail:

  • Start thinking about mobile device management.
  • Develop mobile policies.
  • Start thinking about anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities.
  • Develop a key point of contact at the carrier.

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