Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Microsoft OneCare sceptics start surfacing

After chewing on the recent Microsoft OneCare announcements, the sceptics are starting to come forward. I found this entertaining and informative reading, and something to chew on...

Will users trust Microsoft to manage and secure their PCs? If history is any indicator, the answer could be no.

Do users trust Microsoft enough to allow the Redmond vendor to secure their systems?
Microsoft has been testing out, for at least two years, the concept of offering consumers security and management services on a hosted basis. (It did so via a prototype known as the PC Satisfaction Trial.) Earlier this month, the Redmond software vendor went public with its plans to launch the resulting MSN-branded subscription service, code-named A1—and officially christened "Windows OneCare."

Mike Nash, head of the company's security technology and business unit, said during a Webcast this week that Microsoft was planning an enterprise version of OneCare. Now company officials are saying that "there are no current plans" for such a product. But Gartner Group and other pundits are predicting Microsoft will, indeed, field something like OneCare for corporate users.
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