Monday, January 16, 2006

IDs of 50,000 Bahamas resort guests stolen

The identities of more than 50,000 customers of major Bahamas resort Atlantis have been exposed to possible identity fraud following the theft of personal information from the hotel, the owners said. Kerzner International Ltd., owner of the luxury 2,300-room Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, revealed details of the data theft in a document filed with the Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission .

Information stolen included names, addresses, credit card details, social security numbers, drivers license numbers and bank account data, the filing said. The information appears to have gone missing from the hotel‘s computer database and was the work of either an insider or outside hacker.

The Atlantis hotel management is notifying affected customers in writing so they can take steps to protect themselves from possible identify fraud. The hotel is also providing, at no cost to customers, a credit monitoring service for a year.

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