Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Email spills corporate secrets

Six percent of workers admitted that they've E-mailed confidential company information to someone they shouldn't have, according to a study released Monday, while 62% said they've used their personal email accounts for business purposes to circumvent security controls placed on their business accounts.

This is according to a study released Monday by messaging research firm the Radicati Group.
"While 6 percent may seem like a small number, in a 10,000-user organization, it translates to 600 employees leaking intellectual propert" said Sara Radicati, president of Radicati, in a statement. "It only takes one e-mail to leak critical trade secrets that can cripple an organization's business strategy."

Sixty-two percent of those polled admitted to sending business messages from their personal accounts; 25 percent said that they regularly forwarded mail from their business to their personal account.

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