Wednesday, November 23, 2005

SonyGate:Artists bay for blood

This just in from LilBambi's blog about the ongoing SonyGate saga.

"Along with lawyers, prosecutors, and furious fans, artists are joining the backlash against the label for slipping a hidden, anti-theft program into users’ computers"

"Overnight, Van Zant’s Get Right with the Man dropped from No. 882 to No. 1,392 on Amazon’s music rankings. By Nov. 22 — after the news made headlines and Sony was deep into damage control, Get Right with the Man was even further from Amazon’s Top 40, plummeting to No. 25,802." - To go from Amazon’s Top 40 to No. 25,802 because of something their “Label” did to them without their knowledge and consent.

Some are trying to say that the sales weren’t impacted. Well, this is a BusinessWeek article that says otherwise. And the artists are not happy about it either.

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Blogger LilBambi said...

Thanks Dwaine for the linkage and the comments on my blog. :thumbsup:

I posted a message on your your latest CiscoGate page as well. I don't know much about programming, that's my husband's forte, but I do know about computers as I am a computer technician that works on computers for home and small business clients all the time and I know that if the router/gateway you use doesn't do its job, many folks will be in grave danger from unethical hackers, script kiddies and virus writers.

I don't really know that a 'write protected' after configured and hard coded memory area on the router would actually work ... at least as long as it can be 'unwrite protected' by any software...but something has to be done.

And as long as there are criminal gangs willing to hire unethical hackers and virus writers to do their dirty work, and it will make them money, it will continue.

Thanks again for the linkage to the SonyGate info on my blog. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 11:25:00 PM  

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